Balance Out With Vince DelMonte

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Published on: 2011/08/22

It’s a fact some people are stronger in some areas and other people are stronger in others. This idea can be the same with everybody’s bodies. Have you ever been to the gym and been able to lift significantly more with your right arm rather than your left? Vince DelMonte understands such a dilemma and attacks the weak side of your body during work-outs which he calls Minimizing Muscle Imbalances.

It doesn’t make sense to have your left pectoral muscle significantly bigger than your right one, as balance and symmetry is what makes a nice body so appealing. With this idea it’s a must to work the weak muscles harder so they catch up to your stronger ones. The point of working-out isn’t to prove you can lift a lot of weights. If you are only using half of your body to compensate for the weaker half the imbalance will leave an awkward looking body and make it so you never reach the full potential of your strength.

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